for parents

„The phase of youth between the ages of fourteen and nineteen is characterized by the fact, that every human has to make decisions that have a big influence on their future life, without having the knowledge of themselves or the neutral side of life in order to be able to justify their decisions.“ (Lazarsfeld 1931, S.4)
As a parent this may be familiar to you: „How am I supposed to make decisions for my life, when I can’t even decide what I want to do this weekend?“ We want to support you with this and enable you to accompany your daughters‘ career orientation and search for an apprenticeship by providing you with extensive information and versatile offers. Decisions can only be made regarding things that you are well informed with, this is where we come to play. We want to equip you and your daughter with extensive information about possible apprenticeships, entry requirements and career options so you can make decisions together based on this knowledge.

What do we inform about?

  • All apprenticeships at the ABB training center
  • Information about the application process and entry requirements
  • Getting to know the system and the advantages of a dual education
  • Introducing the network partner companies of the ABB training center
  • Presentation and introduction of the girlsatec team  

Where do we inform?

  • At parents‘ evenings
  • At parent conferences
  • At the open-door day at the ABB training center and at schools 
  • At factory tours in the ABB training center
  We happily attend parents‘ evenings or other committees and inform you about the career choices of your kids. To make an appointment please contact the girlsatec team via phone or write an Email to info(at)    We are happy to support you! Your girlsatec team